1. an apple a day week

    the #2 keyword pairing leading people to this blog is ‘erehwyna birchbox’. i haven’t the slightest clue why.

    but let’s justify it. back in april 2011 i first made mention of it - one of the bridal magazines i scoured before our march 2011 wedding suggested it as a bridesmaid gift. the rest is history.

    (i love birchbox so much that when a good girlfriend of mine announced over dinner that she had turned down a job with them post-business school, i got a little choked up and started saying things like, "stock options!! growth market potential!!" - and i don’t even know what those things really mean)

    basically, i think it’s the greatest idea ever.

    one major reason why is that i found this: juice beauty’s green apple peel

    organic & effective (a difficult duo to actually achieve), it has worked wonders. it’s especially nice if you do a little clarisonic action followed by this 15 minute peel. like a professional spa facial, minus the $150+ price tag, without ever having to leave the house…

    … this is the only type of juicing to get onboard with in the new year. 

    p.s. if you aren’t already signed up, check out birchbox here (referral link)

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