1. all signs point to a hearty tolerance of the cold

    raised in chicago, boarding school in northwestern connecticut, college in upstate new york, a spell in copenhagen, circled back to chicago, spends a majority of vacation time skiing out in vail.

    alas, that is simply not the case.

    i don’t just get gold, i chill to the bone. and now we’ve entered that time of year where i have one priority and one priority only: staying warm. luckily, i found a (new-to-me) brand that might help me look good while doing so:

    element eden

    ironically, it was a trip to a surf shop in florida last weekend. a pair of ikat shorts plucked off the sale rack that were, sadly, too small. jotted down the name of the company in hopes that a google search would yield some shorts. no such luck, but i did find some other (more weather appropriate) things…

    robbie fleece $44.50 / erica scarf $32 / elise jacket $99.50 / relic ls $74.50 / marlow fleece $44.50

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  18. texturism said: it’s 3:00pm and i am still wearing my outdoor jacket with a scarf wrapped tightly up to my nose. chilled to the bone until july-ish. nice layers!
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