1. the men in my life / exhibit:

    my new electrical contractor on a project when i asked him how fast he could do something:

    "i quit school because i didn’t like recess. i don’t play around."


    the beloved intern at the office:

    boss: "anyone in the mood for chinese?"

    intern: ”ugh, no thanks. i’ve been eating so much popeye’s fried chicken lately.”

    everyone: "….."


    a former professor / colleague in an email asking me to be a critic at an upcoming architecture review:

    "dear kathleen… [blah, blah, blah]. looking forward to seeing you, katherine."

    (ed. note: my name is katherine, not kathleen. nevermind that my email address is my name.)


    my sweet husband (who - despite wanting to have a baby very badly - obviously doesn’t quite yet understand what having a baby entails) announcing that one of his oldest gal pals from growing up gave birth to a baby girl today:

    him: "so annie had her baby!"

    me: "wonderful! boy or girl?"

    him: "girl!"

    me: "awwww…"

    him: “yeah, so i’m gonna give her a call tomorrow to congratulate her!”

    me: "umm, no you aren’t. you can’t just call a new mother and expect her to have a conversation. she’s exhausted, recovering with her family and newborn… and doesn’t need to field calls from a guy friend from high school offering congratulations."

    him: “really?”

    me: "yeah."

    him: “so like a text then?”

    me: "yeah, like a text."

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  22. eatingelephants said: love the PKS convo. you know, just give her a quick call to catch up, shoot the breeze.
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  24. profashional said: My husband flew to orlando for a biz trip today and was astounded there were children on his plane. ::smacking my head::
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