1. apex of cool / new york real estate edition

    … the oft photographed brooklyn brownstone of jcrew’s creative director, jenna lyons, and her former husband 

    … was purchased for $4 million by vincent and tracy martin. if you’re a fan of british new wave and synthpop, you’ll recognize that name as the real person behind vince clarke, the original guy from depeche mode and, currently, of erasure fame.

    … lyons now lives at 60 collister street in tribeca. this former american express carriage house has been transformed into luxury residences dubbed the marble house because the developer really loves carrara marble (who doesn’t?) and used copious amounts throughout. this particular unit is up for sale - for $20 million.

    … somewhat confusingly, 60 collister is also 157 hudson. which back in the 80’s was none other than area, the groundbreaking nightclub that abolished the vip room (amen) and introduced the unisex bathroom. 

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