1. a note (or three) on food


    so i lied. i do cook.when my husband, the resident chef, is gone (during the week) i’m left to my own devices and forced to deal w/ dinner. that usually means i’m trudging home from the studio, it’s late and i’m starving. a killer trifecta. but at least on monday nights i have a semi-full fridge at my disposal, stocked w/ the remnants of PKS and his responsible weekend grocery shopping.

    one of my favorite, quick dinners? loosely adapted from none other than the jolly ina garten. her blue cheese souffle from barefoot in paris is otherworldly but has too many steps (for my stunted attention span) and includes flour. 

    my lazy, gluten-free version is simple: preheat the oven to 350 degrees. whip up 3 eggs, whatever cheese is floating around (last night was blue and parm), a splash of milk, salt and pepper in a blender. get it fluffy. lightly butter a medium ramekin, pour said fluffy mixture halfway to the top and pop into the oven until it’s risen (about 30 minutes) - and no peeking! keep that oven door shut. it should look like my photo above, give or take.

    enjoy it w/ mixed greens, lightly dressed with balsamic vinegar. maybe have a glass of wine. it transports me elsewhere. like to paris.


    my love for ina is only eclipsed by my obsession with lynne ressotto kasper and her radio show, the splendid table. the january 21 show featured new york times science writer, john tierney, co-author of the book willpower: rediscovering the greatest human strength.

    did you know that willpower is like a muscle? you have to exercise it to strengthen it, but that means you can exhaust and deplete it, too. people tend to have success with self control when they structure their lives to not rely on willpower for every single little thing they face in a day. don’t keep junk food at home, don’t order large portions, etc. essentially, don’t put yourself in situations where you need to exert willpower in the first place. it will, in turn, help to strengthen your self control. go figure.


    two food blogs that might be worth checking out:

    an uber-cool sorority sister of mine, kinnon, recently started best i ever. she’s generated a fun list of “best” places in new york (best fried chicken, best cheap group dinner, best grilled cheese, etc.) - it’s a fantastic resource and might be neat to compare to your favorites.

    an old new york acquaintance, cory, has since moved to boulder with her new husband. but she’s continued to grow her blog, relish, which includes wonderful snippets of her life. beautiful photos of her (she’s gorgeous), beautiful photos of the food (she selects truly fantastic recipes) and a beautiful, approachable style of writing.

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    a note (or three) on food 1. so i lied. i do cook.when my husband, the resident chef, is gone (during the week) i’m left...
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