1. 'a refined general store'

    my mum really hit it out of the park this year w/ the christmas presents. she may have been in colorado when i opened the giant box from space519 at my in-laws’ house across the country, but she very well could of heard my squeals of delight.

    she doesn’t normally buy clothes for me (at least not since, oh, the 4th grade) but i was floored by the pieces. items so warm and functional and beautiful, i literally haven’t taken them off…

    amazing black cashmere leggings from cz falconer (a chicago-winter must), a slouchy grey sweater from 19 4t (a company so new they don’t even have a website) and a knit dress from vena cava 

    which was far too small (though i’m flattered mum thinks i’m that tiny!) and needed to be exchanged

    so PKS and i used the excuse to embark on an epic shopping (er, xmas gift cards, registry completion and exchanges) saturday up and down michigan ave 

    while this isn’t a preferred way to spend a weekend day

    (i’ve really fallen off the shopping bandwagon)

    boy, did i have fun. particularly at space519.

    i’ve poked my head in a time or two to no avail. but after returning the dress - all of the sudden i had a credit to fill and, conditionally, that day.

    (no problem)

    PKS and i browsed the books intently (holy, phaidon!). then he fixated on the baxter men’s products while i schemed to find a need for new furniture (turns out, there’s no need). we both obsessed over the perfect little calling cards printed with ”stop talking.” and then the clothes. oh, the clothes!

    it really is a one-stop shop

    a local outfit no less, already neatly and cleverly curated with genuinely new and different things, stocking labels no one most haven’t heard of


    my new ellen truijen bag that’s 3-in-1. a cross body, a pouchette and a “hipster”


    the super soft sweatshirt from 19 4t w/ a collar that pushes it far enough past pajamas it gets the nod for the office

    so i guess you could say i’m back on the wagon after this weekend.

    as long as said wagon is hitched to

    a refined general store

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  17. bees-knees said: I ADORE that place and have kept my eye on that bag. You’re enabler of the best kind.
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  19. fatgirlinohio said: I am wearing cashmere leggings right now! Best purchase of winter 2011! I love them so much.
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