1. back to basics

    last week was just one of those weeks. i’ll spare you the details and share the only one that is truly pertinent.

    wednesday morning, bleary eyed, i threw on blue jeans and a plaid button down. slipped on animal print ballet flats. topped it all off with a vintage chanel black and white boucle jacket. 

    the fedex guy at the studio said, that’s quite an outfit.

    (quite a bad one)

    it was a default. because favorite blouses are threadbare, and both dress coat and beloved booties have (literally) fallen apart at the seams. i haven’t shopped in half a year but i don’t need to tell you that.

    you can tell just by the look of it.

    we all get in ruts. for many reasons. especially w/ work wear because (for better or worse) it comprises the majority of our lives. and i would argue that this isn’t entirely superficial. it’s about presenting yourself. feeling confident. important stuff…

    so i bit the bullet and got back to…

    silk pintuck / thomas mason tuxedo shirt / wedge booties

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  2. lapelouse said: love these choices! my black friday shopping was all about getting back to the basics, too. hope your week is looking better! x
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  5. cliffnotesofmylife said: 1. The default outfit sounds fun& cute! Although I know it is nowhere near work appropriate. 2. Love the silk blouse.
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