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    something bizarre happened recently. after expressing indifference to the notion of home, all i can think about is setting up house. part of it, i’m sure, is just living between 2 places. my LL bean boat bag is perennially packed. we’re hovering between here and there. i used to love that feeling. no roots, up for anything. my sense of place was loosely defined but now that it’s been oddly written for the time being, i can’t help but want to rewrite it.

    whenever we get there, wherever that is… some of these things might be part of it.

    royal copenhagen mega latte spoons (orig. spotted via v)

    splash coat rack b/c not only is this the laziest way to organize, it’s also my favorite way.

    a carlo van de roer print via 20x200. i’ve been on a big photography kick of late. and by kick i mean i own none but think about it entirely too often.

    an eames elephant. 2 things i know for sure: we want kids eventually and they’re going to have an eames elephant in their nursery.

    a glass creamer. for those afternoon teas i imagine having with friends until i remember we all have busy careers and free afternoons don’t exist. i’ll still get one, just in case.

    portica steel canopy bed. b/c it reminds me of the twin beds from my mum’s childhood bedroom that are now in a guest bedroom at my grandmother’s in florida. we will love it until we slam our shins on it in the middle of the night. but i can tolerate some suffering for style…

    … and a sense of place.

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