1. The abstract paintings shown here are not by Kazimir Malevich or Paul Klee but by Hindu tantra devotees from Indian cities like Jodhpur and Chomu, the anonymous heirs to a pictorial tradition that dates to the 1600s. Painted on salvaged paper and rarely measuring more than a foot high, the images possess a strange kinship with 20th-century art. And their agelessness cast a spell over Franck AndrĂ© Jamme, a French poet who nearly got himself killed tracking down these works across the deserts of Rajasthan…

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    Tantric painting. from Tantra Song, by Franck Andre Jamme and translated by Michael Tweed, Siglio Press.
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    The abstract paintings shown here are not by Kazimir Malevich or Paul Klee but by Hindu tantra devotees from Indian...
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    We saw this piece weeks ago online, and thought it was so striking. It stuck in our minds, so much so that David showed...
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