1. a few favorites: friday fixations

    it’s been fairly chaotic around here of late (expanding to-do lists, nights at the studio) but here are a few bright spots that keep it all chugging along…

    1) while we’re essentially nomads for the next 2 years (all possessions in storage, commuter marriage, living out of a suitcase, etc., etc.) i can’t help but wonder what we’ll do once we get “settled.” build a house? live abroad? who knows… but this amazing bookshelf (+ everything else from magazin) will hopefully be part of it.

    2) listening to npr is the best way to stay entertained when drawing all day + at the moment, i’m eating up podcasts of the splendid tablelynn rossetto kasper’s voice is like butter, the content is fascinating + all the guests are always so excited. basically, it’s fantasy world.

    3) the clarins FEED collaboration. a good great cause + a favorite beauty company + a very cool fabric pattern. no need to say more… except great gift idea, no?

    4) a newly purchased kindle has fueled a book binge. starting with anything by jonathan franzen. his work takes me someplace else - unfortunately, sometimes that place involves seriously toying with the idea of skipping work + reading all day. 

    so… what are your recent favorites?

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  4. cupofchi said: I’ve been streaming all the NPR music bits on the iPad and really, really enjoying the ways it changes my mood.
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  9. hellokatie said: I am reading The Corrections right now too! :)
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  11. texturism said: love the bookshelf, listening to pema chodron audio book, ren face mask, reading the curfew by jesse ball. good morning.
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  14. relovingit said: This is great. I love all of this. Every time I see one of your posts pop up I wonder how you and your husband are doing with the commuting. It’s no fun, but those two years will fly. And then, like you said, who knows what excitement comes next???
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