1. all wrapped up

    turkish robe | emerson fry | $238

    (partly because i’ve been super under the weather for these past few weeks and partly because i love the idea of using a house coat as an under coat layer)




  4. orange is the new…

    conor backman’s 'green/teal/orange/house/ice/tea/black/box' 2013 | angelika taschen’s berlin bedroom | kitchen by vmx architects | door to casa grecia by isay weinfield 


  5. the hilda stories

    from designer and architect george nelson’s longtime aide-de-camp



  6. project love

    house na | sou fujimoto* | tokyo. japan

    *lecturing this evening at the cooper union | hosted by the architectural league



  8. tuesday

    rushing to an appointment midday, i was about to cross sixth avenue at 23rd street. i was actually two steps into the street when, out of the corner of my eye, i noticed an elderly blind man with a white cane standing at the sidewalk corner left behind in my wake. though my earbuds were in and the music up, i could just barely hear him. i turned around.

    'can someone please help me cross the street?… excuse me, could you please help me cross the street?… anyone? please…' 

    everyone, going north, south, east and west, was blowing passed him. many of those people also had their earbuds in. most people were looking down at their phones. everyone was walking at a fast and furious clip. 

    i backtracked, took my earphones out, and said,

    'i can help you. where do you need to go?'

    'just across the street. may i take your arm?'

    our hands met as i guided him to my outstretched arm, which he took gently. we slowly walked west on 23rd street. 

    'how are you today?' he asked.

    'i'm well, thank you. how are you?' 

    'just happy the sun is out.'

    'me, too. we've been waiting for this…' i said.

    'oh, how wonderful the sun feels on my face!'

    i nervously narrated where we were (‘halfway there’ and ‘about to meet the curb’) as he told me where he was headed (‘just over to dunkin’ donuts’).

    we made it to the other side.

    'well, here we are.' i said.

    'thank you so much.'

    'my pleasure, have a good day.'

    'you, too, my dear.'



  10. pillow talk

    recently, i was telling my mother how i’m a little embarrassed that my apartments are never ‘finished’. without fail, there are a handful of outstanding projects and missing pieces in need of attention… which are faithfully left undone.

    'the cobbler's children always go barefoot,' she deadpanned, not missing a beat.


    our sofa is home to two of the saddest looking green ikat pillows, leftover from pat’s bachelor days. i swear i mean to find replacements every time i look at them - which has been everyday since 2009.

    that’s roughly 5 years of laziness. so today’s the day. 

    linen cactus pillow covers | $21.90


  11. easy, beautiful pieces

    combo top $35.90 | pleated dress $119


  12. richtong:

    jorn utzon’s model of the sydney opera house, demonstrating his mathematically precise solution to engineer the shells from the surface of a sphere.

    via architectural review

    (via modernlove20)


  13. …but then I was very disappointed at my profession as an architect, because we are not helping, we are not working for society, but we are working for privileged people, rich people, government, developers. They have money and power. Those are invisible. So they hire us to visualize their power and money by making monumental architecture. That is our profession, even historically it’s the same, even now we are doing the same… people need temporary housing, but there are no architects working there because we are too busy working for privileged people. So I thought, even as architects, we can be involved in the reconstruction of temporary housing. We can make it better. So that is why I started working in disaster areas.
    — Shigeru Ban in his 2013 Ted Talk.  (via subtilitas)

  14. 3 years

    dancing with my dad


  15. 3 years

    at the altar